Shemagh – different daily uses

Sometimes you need to walk through smoke, sometimes you want to shield yourself from the elements, sometimes you just don’t want to be seen or recognized. There are so many uses for a shemagh, and not just as a garment but also as a tool and a bag. I would recommend to always keep two at hand, one that you wear and one spare in your EDC or BoB. If your BoB is of a larger model, keep two there.

Dakotah Jennings shows us below a bunch of different ways to wear it, what uses do you have for a shemagh? How do you wear it?




Preppers – Don’t ever wear camouflage!

Fellow preppers, please remove and discard any clothing or accessories you have that has a camouflage pattern or print. But why, you think, camouflage is excellent for… camouflaging things and people. Yes. That is very true. A camouflage net to cover up a bug-out vehicle or cache, or even your tent if you’re on the road. But never ever wear any type of camouflage pattern or even other military spec gear, and the only reason for this is that you never ever want to end up in a situation where someone on the safe side of a weapon is mistaking you for military personnel.

If you are looking for sturdy clothes with neutral coloring, look in construction/painter garment. Many trousers, vests and coats are more versatile and as sturdy as military clothing. Choose a color theme that goes well in your surroundings and when you find something you like, buy three.

Answering “How do you outlive the zombie attack” questions on a forum

Recently, I came across a post called “How do you outlive the zombie attack” in a forum. These are my answers, which might give you a small insights in my thoughts on prepping.

I feel guilty though, since I dont know if I even can bring here along. In a zombieattack its every man for himself. If going alone, one dont need to be paranoid about peoples scrathes, wounds or other signs of infection.

First of all, if you’re alone you are in so much more danger. I’d say never move in smaller groups than two individuals, at most four, mainly because that way you can utilize their manpower, their skills and their assistance and help. Four people will almost always fit in anything designed by and for humans, that might protect you. From a more egoistic point of view; more people that is not you means more zombie food that is not you. Remember that all everyday issues like crossing a street might be a dangerous situation.

1. How do you prepare, asuming you knew its coming? Or do you roll like me, always a zombiesurvival kit ready and packed just in case.

I would consider myself a prepper. Not a full blown yeee-haw hillbilly with a shotgun; more of a sensible everyday prepper with a clear base in reality. I have a little more than one month worth of food and water for 2 people, and means to cook them completely off the grid. This is a basic preparedness everyone could and should take, regardless of what catastrophe might happen. If something would happen, I will quickly stock up for a longer time period on the first warning signs. I am currently putting a new revised bug-out-bag together, for the classic 72 hour setup. I have a roomie with an obsession for knives, and as soon as I’m completely clear with the weapon laws of this country, I will add a few simpler handheld ones (no guns) to the arsenal.

2. Where do you go? For me, the mayham will unfortunently hit me the middle of an average city.

At first, I would stay put. My door has deadbolts, and most of my walls are 30cm thick concrete. Times two. Whatever would hit this city, keeping safe and warm for a few weeks with no or minimal physical contact with the outside would raise the percentage of survival tremendously. After that I would move away from the cities – yet again crucial regardless of what threat there might be – to a pre-known location where I quickly can become at least mostly self-sufficient. I would travel by car, steal and kill if I have to.

3. Who do you bring? Some friends and family may prove a serious risk, ie mody girlfriends or dogs (Barking and running away when you least expect it) etc. And as previously stated, a huge risk when trying to survive is the “relative/friend akwardly and unexpectedly turing howling beast on you”

I would bring anyone that I can rely on, and that is fully aware of how to handle the situation. If I had a dog it would be trained for this. If I had a girlfriend she’d better be trained too, otherwise I’d show her my pimp hand. Jokes aside, I’d kill anyone at any time to survive, blood or not.

4. Stuff? Weapons, motorcykles, food, medecine, weed (dont count on tv and free onlinecontent still working for entertainment) and clean underwear? Remeber weapons and bikes, may need some training beforehand. Join a club for firearms today.

Yes, firearm training is crucial, but there will be times where you need to kill or hurt without being heard. Also, guns need bullets. Get yourself a real pro slingshot with an arm/hand brace instead, with a small rock they are lethal. Even if your flesh happens not to be rotten. They are also fairly easy to build yourself with everyday items. On a GTFOD scenario I would supplement my BOB with several bags of food and water. I also keep a simpler 24h kit (food, blanket, water, hose etc) + medical kit in my car at all times.

5. Anything else to remember? Martial-arts class, a posetiv mindset etc etc

A logic mindset. Feelings are great, but for survival you need rationality, logic and a way to supress your eventual issues with for example killing someone else. Paintball, especially CTF/siege scenarios is very helpful, like any military tactics and/or physical and mental training. Don’t forget to love, fuck and hug alot to balance all the weird shit up.

Prepping on a limited budget

When prepping mainly on a limited budget based on bringing extra food and supplies home from the store as you shop, I often think of ways that I can save money. For example, instead of buying awful-tasting MRE’s that will eventually expire, why not try stocking up mainly on food you actually eat everyday? That way you can have a natural ever-refreshing inventory of actual edible goods. Of course it’s great to also use MRE’s, giant bags of rice and whatnot, but for me that would be a backup for the backup the food storage already provides me with. What are your thought about this?

Is there anyone out there who has tried assembling a full quality, fully stacked bug-out-bag only using items from sites like DealExtreme or eBay, and in particular the cheaper items with free shipping? I think that many of the things you pay alot for, might be available for a much lower price with not that much lower quality.

The Global Warming Myth: Humanity causes global warming

One of my favorite myths is Global Warming. I do not say that what humanity does, does not affect the environment, but the changes in weather and climate is not due to anything we do. Please read this very good article from Collective Evolution.